There is no law, no restraint, for the reckless seekers of Eridú.

Coming in 3017

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Return of Kin is a squad strategy indie game with deep storyline and balanced player-vs-player gameplay. Inspired by classic turn-based and JRPG games. Coming soon to multiple platforms.

The Saga Within

Welcome to Kalix, the vestal planet teeming with the valuable resource Eridú. Hopefuls, rebels, and marauders have descended on this anarchic planet. Those who can survive the tormenting terrain and merciless monsters reap wealth and power ever seen before. Remains of an ancient civilization and a colassal crater suggest that there is more to Kalix that meets the eye.

In the middle of it all is Cris Garnet; a young lad just trying to get by. Ever since his parents perished, he’s been hustling in the slums of Urthana. His only valuable possession is a rare amulet left behind by his mother. That might just be his ticket out of his hell hole...

Technical Photo of Mountain Area and Lake

The Crew

If you hope to survive on Kalix, you must ally with the fiercest, most skilled, and uncanny fighters.

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